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friendship goals
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remember me? No? okay ._. Friend,yeah...everybody has a friend. Me? i have..3 girls non-stop talking,non-stop laughing,non-stop fighting,its fun rite? We can doing anything with our best friend. A friend who always be there for you, a friend who always be a shoulder to you,a friend who always cry with you,a friend who try hard to be a good friend for you. Aren't you lucky? Its feel like you're one in a million. 

You're lucky have a great friends. I'm not saying that i don't have a great friends like you. They are really same as me,i mean,craziness,dumb,etc..i'm so happy with them. Beside,with them i can feel the real me. The real me. Yeah,only best friend know who we are. Aren't you lucky?

You're lucky, cause your friend actually care about you,even your boyfriend don't care about you so much. Hey,aren't you feel great? Feel the real you inside yourself. With your friend you already got extra energy to retry your life. They giving you some strength , some power to straight up your head , facing the world. Aren't you lucky?

The time when you separate with your bestfriend, having a hard time to friend with whom? Then you actually find one. Then you getting really close. You actually forget a 'friend who always be there for you,a friend who be a shoulder to you,a friend who always cry with you' , you throw'em. And then you actually think that they're forget about you. 

No. You're the one who forget your own friends. You're the one who being sellfish with them, You're the one make the relationship crashed like that. Like a pieces of glass. But still,aren't you regret? But why now? Don't you realize? You're just want attention,to make everyone cares about you so much. You don't think about their feelings? Aren't you breaks some people heart? Aren't you have a heart? Who are you? A monster? No,you're just being to mean. 

And now,your friend ignore you,just let you do whatever you want to do to,like 'just go,don't mess with us again' Feel how they feels? . Cry a lot,don't know who want to hear our words. 

You'll feel sorry. Sorry for hurt your feelings. Sorry for being to mean. Sorry for ignoring you. Sorry for not be there for you went you crying. Sorry. Sorry? 

I'm sorry,i'm not a good friend. 
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